Employment & Skills

Trafford Council is committed to delivering world class support for Employment & Skills

Trafford is working to reduce unemployment, improve the skills of Trafford residents and to create more good-quality jobs and training opportunities that everyone within Trafford has access to.

We are passionate about supporting our young people. Trafford Council works with Trafford Schools, Trafford College and GM Universities to encourage all of our young peeple to have high aspirations and to provide them with the education and support they need to gain good-quality vocational and technical qualifications which will allow them to find and do the jobs that our employers most need.

Trafford has a highly skilled workforce with over 52% of the population educated to degree level. Using a local workforce will cut down on travelling times for staff and will boost company efficiency and productivity.

Trafford Council’s Employment and Skills team offer support to employers, looking to recruit local staff with an offer that includes:-

  • tailor made recruitment support including  pre-employment training using a sector based work academy / traineeship style model
  • local promotion of all job opportunities through a weekly e-bulletin, job fairs and recruitment events
  • coordination or bespoke recruitment activity including pre-sifting of candidates, organising interviews (as required)

Contact Trafford Council's Strategic Growth team on 0161 912 4176 or Email: employment@trafford.gov.uk


Trafford Apprenticeship Fair 

Trafford College, Timperley, WA14 5PQ

22 October 2pm - 5pm

Over 100 Career paths at various levels from entry level to degree level apprenticeships. Just drop in on the day and for more information please contact careersfair@trafford.gov.uk or the Strategic Growth Team on 01611 912 4176

Apprenticeship Fair 2

Apprenticeship Fair